Finoptim brings forward its commitments to meet its long-term vision

  • Sustainable development

The Finoptim products are based on the concept of eco-design; the company is committed to sustainable development and wish to enhance the renewable energies sector.

The company philosophy is the following: " Preserving firewood heating while respecting the environment by increasing energy efficiency and decreasing pollution ".

  • Made in France

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Finoptim designs and manufactures its products in France to be in line with the values of an intelligent sustainable development

Product quality is guaranteed thanks to its partners which are carefully chosen.
we always use robust and noble materials.

Finoptim 's approach is to enhance and promote the French expertise.


  •  Preserve the tradition and the French architectural heritage

The idea of improving the existing rather than rebuilding speaks volumes about the vision of development Finoptim : Restoring the past for a sustainable future.