The Finoptim development department has created a new technology. The system allows post combustion in an open place and it has been patented (DCMO technology).

The use of your open fireplace doesn’t change. You can still put the logs in the heart of light the fire as usual. Finoptim optimizes the combustion: you heat up more your home and pollute less.


Requiring no external source of power, the product is autonomous

By natural convection, it warms up the air and reinserts it at very high temperature into the fire and smokes.

The mix between hot air, smokes and particulates matter initiates a secondary combustion and eliminates more than 80% of the pollutant emissions.

This smart conception helps to recover the heat thanks to radiation and very clean combustion: 45% yield Vs 10% for a classic open fireplace.

When the fire burns out, the removable ashtray facilitates the cleaning of your fireplace.