• Width: 80 - 100 cm 
  • Height: 55 cm
  • Depth: 50 cm
  • Logs size: 50 cm
  • Heated area: 45 - 60m²
  • Wood saving: 30%
  • Weight: 70kg
  • Particulates matter: 70mg/Nm3
  • Carbone Monoxyde: 0.145%
  • Efficiency: 45%
  • Firebricks are available in the folowwing colors:ImagesBriques.png

Model M-500

The design and ergonomy of the open-insert allows  it to keep a low profile in your home while transcending the fire. You will continue to use your fireplace as usual while enjoying a radiated and gentle heat and a better air quality in the room.
The installation is simple, no building works are needed. The width of the products is completly customizable to fit perfectly with your fireplace's contours.