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FINOPTIM customers are using the open-insert since 2014. They want to share their experience with you :

Jerome & Sandrine

le 27 November 2015

Hello, we are written this message to give you our feedback about our open-insert. We have a higher quality of heat than we had before. The heat spread is also remarkable. The temperature is now very comfortable and we are using fewer logs than before. Your “top down” method is absolutely great! Now my wife can light a fire by herself. Thank you and congratulations for this innovation; it really is a useful investment. 

Christian L.

le 21 September 2015

I would like to thank you for the excellent functioning of your open-insert, designed and manufactured with care.

Thanks to your advices, I can obtain wonderful lasting flames.

I wish a long and successful life to your product, it is very well suited for me  !

Alain S.

le 10 June 2015

The important decrease of pollution as well as the calorific productivity encourage a good use of the open insert and increase the pleasure of having a fireplace.

-          Decrease of the internal pollution

-          Low combustion and homogeneous heat

-          Easy to use and to start-up

-          Appreciable decrease of the wood consumption

-          Better air quality in general

Jean-François B.

le 29 May 2015

With the reduced combustion, I really feel like a can keep my logs longer than before.

Xavier L.

le 12 March 2015

The big advantage is in the living room. I have a feeling of a more diffuse heat with a better dispersal, not only in the room but also in the rest of the house.

Robert M.

le 22 January 2015

The open insert is the only solution that exists which can allow us to use the fireplace we made few years ago and we care about.

Marc G.

le  2 March 2016

My fireplace is more efficient now than before, it heat up more our house and allow us to save more money.

Catherine H.

le 10 December 2014

Whether it be the design, the handling, the heating, everything suit me. It’s been a year since I use it and as an owner of my house, I feel completely satisfied.