Technical partners

  • Grenoble Institute of Techbology

    The Grenoble Institute of Technology is one of Europe's leading technology universities, at the heart of innovation from more than a century.

    Grenoble Institute of Technology is involved in major development projects such as Minatec, or the Minalogic (micro and nanotechnology and embedded software) and TEneRRDIS (renewable energy) industrial clusters. With its solid combination of teaching, research and business promotion, Grenoble Institute of Technology plays a key role in making Grenoble one of the most attractive scientific and industrial locations worldwide.

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  • AIP Primeca DS

    Workshop Inter-integrated manufacturing facility and Cluster Computing Resources for Mechanics of Dauphine and Savoy, host platforms spread over five different sites of the partner universities. Accessible by students and area businesses, platforms make available equipment and machinery at the forefront of technology in mechanical engineering.

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  • GI-Nova Platform

    GI-Nova platform is specialized in rapid prototyping. Each stage of prototyping has a specific space: prototyping space and retro-design allows the realization of physical prototypes using rapid prototyping techniques; ecodesign space of products enables a full assessment of environmental impact of a product's life cycle and identify areas for eco-design, space simulation is used to manage the lifecycle of the product and perform modeling and complex computer simulations.

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  • G-Scop Lab

    The Grenoblois Laboratory of Sciences for Conception, Optimisation, and production makes its Researches to improve the design and management of production systems through modelling, model analysis and the development of powerful optimisation tools.

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Financial parnters

  • Oséo

    OSEO, is a public-sector institution dedicated to economic development — and a key source of financing and other support for SMEs.

    Our mission is to back innovation and growth of SMEs at decisive phases in their development: start-up, innovation, growth and business transfer via buyouts or other structures.

  • Rhône-Alpes region

    The Region supports the implementation of innovative collaborative projects from the clusters and clusters. These operations are aimed at companies, laboratories and industrial technical centers. Projects shall be a fitting accompaniment to the project and benefit when they are selected for funding.

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Partenaires techniques

  • Ministry for Higher Education and Research

    The Ministry of Higher Education and Research supports the innovation with the incubators that it so finances that by the national competition of business start-up assistance of innovative technology which rewards every year the most expanding projects for the future.

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Technical partners

  • Tenerrdis

    Tenerrdis is a new energy technology cluster aimed at bolstering the competitiveness of emerging new energy technology industries through innovation.

    Tenerrdis supports new energy technology companies across France’s dynamic Rhône-Alpes region in their efforts to expand their footprint in the global carbon-free energy market.

    If these companies are to effectively seize the opportunities this growing market has to offer, they must work together across the entire value chain.

    By facilitating partnerships among businesses, research centers, education, and other organizations spanning the public and private sectors, Tenerrdis creates the collaborative ecosystem needed to foster new energy technology projects that build expertise, generate new business opportunities, and create jobs.

Financial parnters

  • Grenoble City Council

    The Fund of Youth initiative of the city of Grenoble wants to encourage and to support the realization of projects, experiments and initiatives of young inhabitants of Grenoble in the objective to favor their citizen implication, their access to the autonomy and their visibility in the city.

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  • Rotary Club - InnerWheel

    Grenoble Rotary and Inner Wheel Clubs, in partnership with CIC bank and CIC Lyonnaise de Banque, want to valorise the start-up. The organise a the Rotary Trophy of firm creation.

  • Grenoble-Alps Metropole

    Within the framework of its initiative to encourage the creation of activities in the popular districts of the urban area, Grenoble-Alps Métropole proposes a regular meeting intended to inform potential creators. Every meeting is also accompanied with a competition of ideas, matched by a prize.

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Support and consulting organisations


    Grain is a structure that searches for and supports people with innovative projects, who wish to create a startup company.These projects must be linked to public research as follows:

    • either the technology must come directly from public research
    • or it must be closely linked to it,

    that is to say, the people with the innovative project integrate technology coming from public research into their project. GRAIN's role is to facilitate the liaison between both parties.

  • Ozer

    Pole Entrepreneurship Students Grenoble is the promotion plan of the entrepreneurship mind (tools of raising sensitization, training and support) in the Universities of Grenoble, Valencia and Country of Savoy.

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  • Grenoble IAE

    Being a part of the University, the IAE business institute provides access to a full array of university resources and further personalized services. The quality of the academic environment is the result of everyone’s involvement and requires a contribution from all. The Iae meets its expenses largely through business contributions, continuing education and international programs.

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  • Cadres Seniors Bénévoles